Past Shows

Friday, May 25, 2012

Were in Europe! Come see us play!

Fr. 25.05.2012 Münster - Cafe Lorenz

Sa. 26.05.2012 Hamburg - Rote Flora

So. 27.05.2012 Mannheim - Pfingstfest

Mo. 28.05.2012 Paris - La Miroiterie

Di. 29.05.2012 London - The Big Takeover

Mi. 30.05.2012 Leeds - Wharf Chambers

Do. 31.05.2012 Nottingham - Navigation Inn

Fr. 01.06.2012 Cardiff - The Buffalo Bar

Sa. 02.06.2012 Brighton - The Green Door Store

So. 03.06.2012 Kortrijk - The Pits

Mo. 04.06.2012 Cologne - Az

Di. 05.06.2012 Berlin - Bei Roy

Mi. 06.06.2012 Erlangen - Jugendhaus

Do. 07.06.2012 Leipzig - Liwi

Fr. 08.06.2012 Vienna - Venster

Sa. 09.06.2012 Tübingen - New Direction Fest

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend with Surrender

We are playing four shows over the next few days with Surrender, who are from the Bay Area California. All of our immediate upcoming shows are listed below.

Wednesday, March 21st New Haven, CT @ Warehouse w/ Surrender, Dead Uncles, Zone, Heats of Formation, 7pm.

Thursday, March 22nd Brattleboro, VT @ The Cotton Mill w/ Surrender, Loud Sex, Secret Lover, 7pm

Friday, March 23rd Portland, ME @ a House w/ Surrender, Swaath, Grist Mill, 7pm

Saturday, March 24th Boston, MA @ Democracy Center (Smash it Dead Fest) w/ Surrender, Dead Uncles, 7pm

Also upcoming:

Monday, April 30th Easthampton, MA @ Flywheel w/ Post Teens, Twerps, Big Eyes, 7pm.

Monday, February 20, 2012

New recording/ more shows

Yesterday we finished recording a new 7" single for Cut the Cord Records. It will be out in late May. Its two songs, and were very excited about how it came out!

In March we are playing some shows with Surrender, who are from California. If you're not familiar with them go to and check them out. They're excellent.

The dates are

Wednesday, March 21st @ New Haven, CT
Thursday, March 22rd @ TBA
Friday, March 23rd @ Portland, ME
Saturday March 24th @ Boston, MA

more information to come soon on those.

You can get all four of our records at

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New shows/ records!

It been a long time with no update. We have a new bass player called Andy! There are many new shows coming up in the next two months

Friday Feb. 3rd Cambridge, MA @ Ladyfest Boston w/ Shoppers and many more

Monday Feb. 13th Cambridge, MA @ Charlie's Kitchen w/ Your Pest Band (Tokyo, Japan) and The Inhalers

Wednesday Mar. 21st New Haven, CT w/ Surrender, Dead Uncles

Thursday Mar. 22nd Montreal, QB w/ Surrender

Friday Mar. 23rd Portland, ME w/ Surrender

Saturday Mar. 24th Boston, MA @ Smash it Dead Fest w/ Surrender and many more

We're recording for a 7" in February that will come out this summer on the Munster, Germany based Cut the Cord Records.

There are more summer plans in the works that are being worked out that we'll post once they are ready!