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Sunday, August 7, 2011

3 Way split 12"/ Upcoming summer shows

Test presses have been approved for the upcoming 3-Way split 12" with Daylight Robbery and Defect Defect on Dirtcult Records . This should be out shortly, probably early September. Were very excited.

We also have five shows happening toward the end of August. Information is listed below.

Thursday, August 18th Salem, MA @ F.D.S. Cafe w/ Ancient Filth, Vicious Bastards, Cold Cocked, Ram Lord

Friday, August 19th Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary w/ Punch, Loma Prieta, Stockpile (early show!!!)

Friday, August 19th @ Philadelphia JR's Bar w/ Gone Bad (late show!!!)

Saturday, August 20th Boston, MA @ The Circus w/ Canadian Rifle, Shaved Christ, Curmudgeon

Sunday, August 20th Brooklyn, NY w/ Shaved Christ, Canadian Rifle

The "No Sensation" 12" is still available from Vinyl Rites, and our 2nd 7" is available from Dirtcult Records.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Our new LP "No Sensation" is now out on Vinyl Rites Records.
First bunch come with a limited poster. You can order directly from Vinyl Rites or through No Idea Records.


We will have them at our upcoming shows this week with White Lung and New Sensae:
Thursday 6.23 @ Gay Gardens, Allston, MA 8pm
Saturday 8.25 @ the Flywheel, Easthampton, MA 6pm w/Honeysuck and Outdates

order here!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Upcoming shows and releases.

Our upcoming 12" "No Sensation" will be released in June on the Vinyl Rites label.

We are also getting closer to the release of our 3-way split 12" with Defect Defect and Daylight Robbery. It is currently being mastered for vinyl and the artwork is being completed. This will be released in the near future on Dirtcult Records.

The A-side to our new single "A Kind of Life" was played on Razorcake Podcast #154.

We have a number of upcoming shows this spring and summer. There is also a talk of a long weekend of shows sometime in August. There will be more information on that once we sort it out.

Below is the current information on our upcoming shows.

Friday May 20th Portland, ME
w/ RVIVR (Olympia)

Saturday May 21st New Haven, CT @ TFDZ (early show!!!)
Saturday May 21st @ 538 Johnson, NYC (late show!!!)
w/ Lotus Fucker (DC)

Monday June 6th Cambridge, MA @ Charlie's Kitchen
w/ Major Stars

Thursday June 23rd Boston, MA @ Gay Gardens
w/ White Lung (Vancouver), New Sensai, Ancient Filth

Saturday June 25th, the Flywheel, Easthampton, MA
w/ White Lung, New Sensai

Saturday August 6th Cambridge, MA @ Democracy Center

Sunday, April 3, 2011


A group of women from Western Massachusetts have been working very hard to organize Ladyfest, a 3-day fest of shows and workshops to " to celebrate and support all musicians and artists in the DIY underground  whose gender identity falls outside of the dominant cultural mainstream, including but not limited to women."

It is an amazing event that includes workshops, shows, vendors, and art. Foreign Objects will be playing the afternoon show on Sunday April 17th, but everyone in the area should attend as many shows/events as they can! It's going to be amazing. If you're an out-of-towner, please at least check out all the hard work these ladies have done to make this happen.

Spring shows!

Upcoming shows:

Sunday April 17th @the Flywheel, Easthampton, MA - Ladyfest!!
w/ Honey Suck and Curmudgeon
early show 1pm (but stick around for the later show and workshops!)

Friday May 20th Portland, ME
w/ RVIVR (Olympia)

Saturday May 21st @ 538 Johnson, NYC
w/ Lotus Fucker (DC)

Thursday June 23rd, Boston, tbd
w/ White Lung (Vancouver)

Saturday June 25th, the Flywheel, Easthampton, MA
w/ White Lung

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Single NOW OUT!!

Our new single is finally out. Two new songs, put out by Dirt Cult Records. A UK version on Static Shock Records will be out in the near future.

"A Kind of Life" (side a)

A Kind of Life by Foreign Objects Boston

Order here!

Monday, January 24, 2011

West Coast Tour Report

Thanks to everyone who helped us out on our West Coast tour! Especially Travis, Mike, Ryan, the Raw Ponx, Alex and Stan, Jason and Gonya, and Chris and Daniel for busting out releases so fast. 

We played with a lot of amazing bands but here are a few to keep you busy:

all trouble-making and live action can be seen here. as well as a lot of animals, spookiness, and high-tech women.


Foreign Objects shirts can now be bought online.
Go to HERE to get your shirt on.


Copies of our ep from last year are still available from Shock to the System Records

Upcoming releases!
Our new 2 song single will be out next month on Dirt Cult Records

8 Song LP out this Spring on Vinyl Rites Records
Tape copies from our tour may still be available too